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Procurement Manager


Procurement Manager



The goal of is to mobilise small investors and make investors aware that investing in start-ups and new businesses is a real possibility. Specifically, investment in their early stage of development. Today, the word "investing" is immediately associated, without further thought, with securities and shares. wishes to offer alternative outputs and balance it with other options:

  • Rental apartments, cash-flow rental premises, business expansion to the EU and the need for equity in the EU.
  • Provide business owners with assistance in buying and selling mutual units and financing their operations. Anything related to “small” money and inconvenient operations that banks cannot or do not want to deal with today for some unfathomable reason.
  • The prospective goal of is to establish a new joint financing portal that deals with both loans and equity. Money would go to companies that meet the set criteria.

Anyone familiar with the basis of the financing of large banks knows that in most cases the company receives funding either when they no longer need it or if they have a lot of real estate. However, if you are an architect, for example, and have 3-4 colleagues then, according to today’s funding logic, your company is essentially worthless.

Is it really?